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About Us

We are a personal fitness company that offers in home personal training and massage therapy:  We also offer an optional private gym located in the east village as well as fitness groups, including kettle-bell classes in various parks around NYC .   We are educated professionals ,  enrolled in this life experiment of health and physical fitness,  on a constant journey of enrichment through new knowledge, technique, and science...We believe that the secrets of health and well being are a birth right and available.  With some work and committment,  we can all tap into this fountain of youth.  It is a journey,  a two way street,  where both client and trainer learn from each other.  So don't be intimidated, don't give up,   don't ever believe that it's too late,  WHEREVER you are (in your journey) lets us be a part of it.  When you win,  we win.  When  you look good,  so do we.  ALL YOU NEED IS THE DESIRE TO IMPROVE YOUR PHYSICAL EXISTATNCE.  We are not here to judge you,  we are here to break new ground.  The Exception.
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